The definition of insanity is doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results Benjamin Franklin

Mazen Mehio

Founder & Managing Director

Corporate communication and advertising graduate from Ecole Superieure De Publicite in Paris France 1988.

Started his career with Euro RSCG in France as a Junior Account Executive working on variety of Accounts.

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Fields Of Expertise

Our Tools

It might surprise you but at SO we don’t like the word “tools”. It implies that we will put your issues in a kind of generic mold to come up with a template solution. Well we don’t.

The tools we use play the role of support or more specifically guidelines for us to bench mark our work as we go along. But our approach is more “solutionary” rather than pushing predefined solutions.

Our tools are our source of new and exciting ideas, never a mold that will put irrelevant pressure on the development of our work.