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Through focus groups we will help you find a name to your brand that will make business sense for the years to come.
Through pitching Id design houses we will secure the best visual identity for your brand. Be it a new brand that is about to launch or an existing brand that is not fully comfortable with its identity, we will secure the most impactful Corporate Identity design.
Is your brand well connected to your sub-brands? What if some of your sub-brands not performing given the way it’s connected to your mother brand? We will help you reorganize your brand architecture in order to generate maximum income.
What will be the single most powerful proposition that you can put in the market? Does it have to be price related? How are you perceived right now and how can we send out a unified message to correct this perception and start generating business? Through our DNA program we will secure the most powerful positioning platform to your brand.
The most powerful and impactful media is your own staff. How impressed would you be with a brand that gets its staff to promote it? We will secure that your staff are fully aware of their environment and comfortable with the brand they are working with. It makes a huge internal difference.
You have the big idea. Now what? What will be the most effective and direct channeling of this idea should we decide to launch it in the market. We will coordinate with your ad agency or pitch one for you to secure a solid launch to your brand.
Is your existing positioning giving you maximum ROI? Let’s take a look at it and give you the answer. What if you can get more from your customer if you position yourself on a different platform? We will give you a full study on your existing positioning and we will propose a new one if needs be.
Are you launching a product or a brand that needs more than just Above The Line advertising? Do you think that you will face a problem explaining to your customers how it works and what the benefits are? You might want to announce a delicate news to your staff and not sure how to communicate it. Why don’t you let us have a shot on the issue using our ROC proprietary tool?
We will be ready to take on any executive consultancy project and be part of your team to communicate a specific message about a specific product.
Do you know which ad, PR, CRM, CI house or event management agency to take as partners? Together we will pitch the agencies and select the most effective one for the job.
Be it a PR agency, an ad agency, an MBU or any communication agency we are very well placed to come up with the perfect modus operandi that will yield maximum result from your agency.
It’s always a challenge to hire the right research house and give them the right brief to secure the best results. Research is very costly and as such it needs to be managed well in order to get maximum ROI from it. We will help you identify the objectives of the research and then pitch research houses to get us the most comprehensive and effective piece of research.
Do you own a communication agency that you think can give you better results if it was structured on better grounds? Let’s bring out the best out of your agency by organizing in a way that brings in better income.
Are you going for the biggest fish in the industry? Given our wide experience in the Middle Eastern markets and having worked with different industries, we will help your agency prepare a more convincing, to the point pitch and assist you in securing the business.
Agencies have got to sell tools now that they can’t sell media anymore. We will assist you in creating the tools depending on your portfolio of clients.
Are you a politician or a public figure and need to gather information about your popularity or image? We will implement the polls with our associates and broadcast them to serve your needs and aspirations.
We will plan your political campaign in a way that secures your results and gets you to your political objectives.
We will secure a full team and the best experts in managing your campaign and take it into successful completion.